Sensational Science Workshop:

Prepare to be amazed, confounded and confused as you find out your senses aren’t as simple as they seem…and even discover some senses you never knew you had! This short-form version of our full science club program offers learners aged 7-12 a whirlwind interactive experience exploring the senses.

Workshop Duration: 60 or 120 min versions available

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Mastering Memory Workshop:

Can you trust your memories? Maybe not. In this interactive workshop, participants aged 8+ are encouraged to explore their memory through quizzes and games. They’ll learn how to improve their memory using research from psychology and neuroscience, too.

Workshop Duration: 60 mins

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Braintastic!’s live shows

Now available remote/ virtual 

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Our range of live shows, virtual events and interactive experiences are all designed by a real-life brain scientist. They help children challenge their understanding of the mind in meaningful ways through activities, illusions and experiments. We’re passionate about educating children and sharing our mind-bending science knowledge with schools, events and families. Let us help you too!

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Explore the brain with our interactive workshops.

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Enjoy six weeks of brain science with our fun science club.

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Help students learn to love their brain with engaging lesson plans.


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That's Non-Sense!
The Surprising Science of your Senses

This show, aimed at KS2, explores the wonderful world of our senses, and the tricks they can play on us. Ever wondered why food tastes funny when you have a cold? Or what happens when you get dizzy? Buckle up for a whirlwind tour through the senses you're familiar with, and some you might never have heard of.

Aimed at ages 7-11

Mastering Memory

Find out what happens in the brain when we learn and store memories, and why we shouldn’t always trust everything we remember. This show uses quizzes and games to explore your memory and how to improve it. Using research from psychology and neuroscience, we will cover tips and tricks to help you make the most of your memory

Versions available for adults, families (8+) and school groups

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Hack your Brain is a whirlwind introduction to the brain and nervous system for years 7-11.  This highly interactive show gives students the chance to get to know their brains better, and find out how to make the most of them.

Packed with memorable large scale demos,  students will create a giant 'neuron' live on stage to explores the ways in which nerve cells send messages through the brain and body. We will look at how we can hijack these signals to allow one human to control the movements of another, and investigate what this tells us about how we learn. Hack your brain is sure to be a highlight of any science week or school term!

Hack Your Brain



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Thank you so much for coming down to do the show for us. Everyone had an amazing time and we would definitely love to have you back again. 

Amy Seales, Family Programme Coordinator
The Royal Institution of Great Britain. 


We have a range of add-ons

that can be booked alongside any show, including:

Q & A

Why do we dream? Could we upload our memories? What would happen if you had a brain transplant? Whatever your question, Ginny will dig deep into her own brain to answer it! This session is entirely guided by the audience, and those areas of neuroscience and psychology they have always wondered about. And remember, when it comes to the brain, there is no question to small, or too big!

Hands-on activity packs

Why not keep the adventure going? You can purchase single or multiple activity packs to run with your students after a live, interactive show to supplement their learning. Just perfect for 7-12 years old, they are packed with fun exercises to get young minds thinking about their brain.

Just get in touch to find out more.



Seeing is believing! Astound young minds with illusions and experiments that highlight their amazing brains in action. Available as live virtual experiences, begin fostering their love of science from ages 7+.

Building a resilient brain

Looking after our mental health is one of the most important things we can do to live a happy and healthy life. But what exactly is mental health? And what factors go into building a resilient brain- one that can bounce back from whatever life throws at it? In this hands-on workshop, students will learn about the science of resilience and why some people are more susceptible to mental health conditions. We'll also explore what they can do for themselves and each other to improve their chances of having good mental health, throughout their lives. 

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Explore neuroscience over six weeks! The Sens-ational Science Club provides a series of engaging live or pre-recorded sessions for learners aged 7-12. Combined with exciting activity packs, young minds will explore a range of brain and sensory phenomena through unique experiences.


Available in two versions- with pre-recorded video that can be used whenever suits you, or delivered live by one of our fantastic presenters. Just get in touch to discuss which would work better for your class. You can also choose one of our Q & A add-on packages, giving your students the chance to ask any questions they like about brains and behaviour!



Let us help you teach neuroscience! Our series of scientifically-sound lesson plans are designed to support students through a range of neuro-centric topics from memory to the senses. Easy to deliver and full of fun experiences for ages 7+.

Coming Soon!
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Crafts Activity

The science of creativity, and the creativity of science

We are often told that we are either artistic or scientific, and that these are opposing abilities- but that is far from the case. For as long as people have been doing science, art has been a part of it- from drawing specimens under the microscope to using analogies to understand atoms. And science is intensely creative, needing the ability to dream up ideas about the world that have never been thought of before!

In this session, we will introduce students to some of the ways in which art has inspired science, and science has inspired art. We will investigate what is going on inside the creative brain, and how viewers can tap into their own creative abilities, and develop them with practice, just like any other skill. Then, they will have the opportunity to get hands-on, and create their own piece of string-art, inspired by the brain’s amazing ability to change, based on your experiences.