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Meet Ginny and our Braintastic! Science presenters

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At Braintastic! Science we appreciate just how busy teachers are. You don’t have time to scour the internet for ideas for science week UK, or find end of term science fun experiments. That's where we come in! Founded by University of Cambridge graduate and neuroscience and psychology expert Ginny Smith, Braintastic! Science provides spectacular science shows for schools, festivals and events around the world. Our mission is to inspire, engage, and educate, giving students the confidence to celebrate their curiosity and appreciate the complexities of their amazing brains. 

All our content is packed full of hands on experiments and interactive demos to engage kids and get them thinking about the science of what they're seeing - from memory and learning to optical illusions. Our expert science presenters all have a degree in neuroscience or psychology, and they love fielding all those tricky unanswered science questions from students - but just as importantly they're all fantastic storytellers, so you know your students will be in for a memorable experience. 

Our science shows and workshops for schools help students:


Boost learning and revision by better understanding their amazing brains


Protect their mental wellbeing and develop 'bouncebackability' with self-care techniques


Explore potential careers in psychology and neuroscience they might not have considered


Appreciate the importance of scientific thinking and analysis across varied careers


Foster or reignite their curiosity and enjoyment of science - fun experiments

Meet the Braintastic! Team

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Ginny Smith- Founder

Braintastic! Science founder Ginny is a neuroscience and psychology expert with a passion to bring the surprising science of our amazing brains to audiences around the world. As a science writer and presenter she has a talent for making the complex comprehensible, and since graduating from Cambridge has 10 years' experience presenting at the UK's biggest science festivals and international venues like Frost Science, Miami. She loves performing and engaging young people with neuroscience, but her favourite part of any school science show is Q&A - tackling kids' unanswered science questions. She believes that encouraging children to question fosters their curiosity and a lifelong love of science.

When not working with Braintastic!, Ginny produces content about the brain for adults. Her first solo book, ‘Overloaded’, exploring the roles of brain chemicals in all aspects of our daily lives was picked as a New Scientist Book of the Year 2021. She also co-wrote the bestselling 'How the Brain Works' for DK publishing and is a regular blogger and video presenter for the Cosmic Shambles Network, alongside some of the biggest names in science - from Prof. Brian Cox to Matt Parker. She is a science storyteller at heart and loves helping scientists and organisations grab their audience's attention and keep it, sharing her skills as a science communication trainer and consultant.

For more on Ginny’s other work, please visit

Braintastic! Science presenter Alina with a large cuddly toy neuron

Alina is part of the Braintastic! Science team who develop and deliver science shows and workshops for schools to help young people understand and get the best out of their amazing brains. She has a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in Psychological Research Methods from the University of Exeter, and when not presenting for Braintastic! works in the Department of Psychological Medicine at King’s College London and for mental health start-up Augmentive. She is passionate about mental health research and through Braintastic! Science translates that into supporting mental wellbeing in schools, as well as exploring science and creativity through art-science collaborations and our workshops for schools. Her work as a Science Communicator for Kings College, contributor for The Psychologist and co-founder of the ‘Plugging In’ podcast made her a perfect fit for our team!

Alina Ivan- Presenter

Emma Yhnell- Presenter

Emma brings a wealth of experience in science communication and public engagement as one of our fantastic science presenters, including winning the British Neuroscience Association's Public Engagement Award in 2018 and representing Wales in the national finals of sci-comm competition FameLab. She has presented to Parliament on the potential of brain training games and spoken at TEDx Cardiff University and the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts. She is passionate about making science accessible, engaging and understandable to all.  With a PhD in neuroscience, Emma did her post-doc at the Brain Repair Group working with families impacted by Huntington's disease, a rare genetic brain disorder. As a lecturer at Cardiff University she draws on her love of science communication with demos, props and mini-discos to make her lectures more engaging! 


Clare Jonas- Presenter

Clare is a science communicator at a medical research charity, and has her own website, That Thinking Feeling, where she uses psychology and neuroscience to answer everyday questions like "Why can't we remember being born?" and "What makes plane food taste so awful?". In a previous life, Clare was a lecturer in psychology. Having gone to all the trouble of getting a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Neuroscience, and a PhD in Psychology, and then spending several years researching human perception, she realised in 2017 that what she truly loved was turning complex academic debates into formats that everyone can understand. Science should be accessible to everyone! Clare's experience of science communication is wide-ranging and has covered everything from acting as a science consultant and audience evaluator for the artistic collective BitterSuite to demos of how our senses interact for the Belfast Science Festival.

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Rachel Collins- Communities and Partnerships Manager

Rachel studied Behavioural Biology before doing a Masters in Science Communication. As part of her Masters she undertook placements at SS Great Britain Museum, working on their Future Brunels programme, and National Museum Cardiff. She has led STEM Learning's STEM clubs, Climate Change Educational Partnership and STEM Enrichment Partnerships projects, and was previously a Science Communicator at Techniquest Glyndwr Science and Discovery Centre and a science and maths tutor. She has undertaken a number of freelance and volunteering opportunities, such as being Mary Anning in primary school workshops, helping to organise the UK's first Local Conference of Youth on Climate Change, organising York Pint of Science festival and running Chester SciBar. She has recorded a radio programme for the BBC on gaming and mental health and conducted research into the impact of media messaging on behaviour. She is enthusiastic about facilitating people's relationship with STEM and is looking forward to bringing Braintastic! Science's work to new audiences and collaborating with new partners.

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