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Science Week Fun

Mind bending optical illusions, wow science, fun experiments - the highlight of any science week. Our interactive science shows and workshops in schools are perfect for a science assembly or end of term fun, inspiring a lifelong love for science. 

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Whether you plan it to tie in with British Science Week or pick a date all your own, holding a science week at your school is a great way to inspire kids. Packed with wow science, fun experiments, shows and science workshops in schools, science week can help instill a love for science that will last a lifetime.

But coming up with activities for science week can also be a challenge, especially for busy teachers. That’s where we come in! When we deliver our science shows in schools as part of a science week, we make teacher’s lives easy. They make a perfect science assembly to start your week off, or round it out with a bang. Our presenters are a fab, diverse bunch of role models (and most are women in STEM), helping young people imagine themselves as the scientists of the future, and maybe even inspiring them into careers in psychology or neuroscience.

Braintastic! Science banner graphic with Briony the brain: Benefits of science week: Celebrate curiosity and make learning fun, improving engagement in STEM subjects. Nurture skills like creativity and critical thinking. Help young people imagine themselves as scientists of the future. Inspire them to explore careers in psychology or other STEM subjects.

Explore the wonderful world of our senses, and the tricks they play on us. Prepare to be amazed by tricks & illusions in this demo-packed exploration of your amazing brain and senses.

RI earswitch hat pointing.jpg

Spectacular Science Shows & Workshops

Our science shows and workshops are highly interactive, engaging and great fun. They are delivered by our expert presenters, with time for Q & A included. That's Non-Sense is hugely popular for primary schools, while Hack Your Brain is ideal for secondary students. Both work well as headline events for whole year groups, packed with spectacular science, fun experiments and loads of demos about our amazing brains. Our workshops are super hands-on, with students getting up-close and personal with brain science as they make or build something- perfect activities for any science week!

A whirlwind introduction to the amazing brain and nervous system, packed with memorable large scale demos, Hack Your Brain is sure to be a highlight of any science week or school term!

Hack- Credit Cosmic Shambles.jpg
Braintastic Alina_edited.jpg

In this interactive science show students discover how the brain changes when we learn new things. Through a series of memory games and quizzes, we explore how memories are stored in the brain, and cover tips and tricks to make the most of their memories. Or for older kids (KS4, KS5) see Mastering Memory

Two string art brains surrounded by multi-coloured skeins of embroidery thread

Science and Creativity Workshop
Versions for Ages 7-16 | KS2, KS3, KS4

This hands-on session introduces students to the links between science and art, and the importance of creativity for STEM careers as they get the chance to unleash their own creative abilities!

Exploring the science of optical illusions this workshop is crammed full of hands-on activities as the kids make their own illusions to take home and try on friends and family.

Sensational Science Workshop
Versions for Ages 5-11 | KS1, KS2


If you are planning a full programme of science week activities, why not book a whole day of Braintastic! shows and workshops? We offer great discounts for multiple performance and can pack in 4 spectacular stage shows, 6 hands on workshops or a mix of both, for a day your students will never forget! And if that's not enough science week content for you we can also recommend of other fab UK science presenters, or even organise a full week of science shows and activities covering different aspects of STEM.


Plus, we’ve got a great collection of free science resources, which you can raid for British Science Week ideas or as activities for science club in your school.  

Braintastic! Science blog: Science Week Fun

Free Resources - Fun Activities for Science Week

Build a Neuron Challenge

This action-packed activity pack introduces students to what is a neuron- the cells that make up their brains. It challenges them to build their own neuron rube goldberg machine, guiding them through the engineering design process.


Great as a science week activity, or a fun end-of-term challenge. And we'd love to see your machines- so do send us a photo or tag us on social media.

Visual Illusions Activity Pack

Present 6_edited.jpg

Explore the tricks our brain plays on us every day with these fun optical illusions for kids. This activity pack includes worksheets to help your students make two different visual illusions:
a thaumotrope and a floating present. Which is your fav
ourite illusion?

Sign up for a free taster of our most popular science show for schools, That's Non-Sense!

Plus loads more science based tricks and tips for revising to help boost learning 

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