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Sensational Science Workshop

Exploring the science of optical illusions and our amazing brains, this workshop is crammed full of fun hands-on STEM activities as the kids make their own illusions to take home and try on friends and family.

Versions for Ages 5-11 | KS1, KS2

  • Colours that don’t exist

  • Magical pictures…

  • Why we don’t always agree about what we think we see

  • Senses (KS1)

  • Light/ The eye (KS1/2)

  • Sound /The ears (KS1/2)

  • Naming the 5 main senses and corresponding organs 

  • Understanding that the brain is as important for sensing the world as our sense organs

  • Knowing that we have more than 5 senses 

  • Developing a sense of excitement and curiosity about science

  • Being curious and asking questions 

  • Live in-person: 2 workshops for £495 
    Extra workshops on the same day: £95/workshop

  • Online / virtual workshop: £145/class

  • Our workshops can run for 30 or 45 minutes, whichever suits your timetable best.

  • They are designed to work for group sizes between 10-30, to allow group work, and plenty of time for discussion with our expert presenters.

  • As students will be making their own illusions, they will need to be seated at tables.

  • We will also need a screen to connect to our laptop.

  • We will provide all the materials needed for the workshop, but if you are able to supply scissors and colouring supplies, that would be very helpful.

  • Interactive and engaging science workshops for schools

  • Perfect for an after-school science club or science week activities 

  • Fabulous presenters with a background in brain science

  • Rave reviews from teachers, students and top science festivals


Thank you so much for coming down to do the science shows for us. Everyone had an amazing time and we would definitely love to have you back again. 

Amy Seales, Family Programme Coordinator
The Royal Institution of Great Britain. 

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