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A whirlwind introduction to the amazing brain and nervous system, packed with memorable large scale demos, Hack Your Brain is sure to be a highlight of any science week or school term!

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Spectacular Science Shows for Schools

At Braintastic! Science we inspire, engage and educate young people to help them get the best out of their amazing brains.


Sensational Science
Versions for Ages 5-11 | KS1, KS2

Exploring the science of optical illusions this workshop is crammed full of hands-on activities as the kids make their own illusions to take home and try on friends and family.

A girl with her hands clasped strangely and a woman pointing at one of her fingers
A group of school girls (teenagers) blowing up balloons in Rethinking Revision science workshop

Rethinking Revision
Versions for Ages 11-16 | KS3, KS4

By understanding what's actually going on in their amazing brains, students can boost learning and design more effective revision plans, helping make it that little bit easier to prepare effectively for exams. 

Building a Resilient Brain
Versions for Ages 7-14 | KS2, KS3

Explore the science of resilience and mental health self-care techniques, in an engaging, age appropriate way.  For KS2 we look at how to control the emotions and talk about your feelings, while with KS3 we add topics like dealing with stress and anxiety at school and introduce common mental health conditions such as depression.

A science presenter points at her head in front of an image of the brain
Two string art brains surrounded by multi-coloured skeins of embroidery thread

Science and Creativity
Versions for Ages 7-16 | KS2, KS3, KS4

This hands-on session introduces students to the links between science and art, and the importance of creativity for STEM careers as they get the chance to unleash their own creative abilities!

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Explore the wonderful world of our senses, and the tricks they play on us. Prepare to be amazed by tricks & illusions in this demo-packed exploration of your amazing brain and senses.

Find out what happens when we learn and how memories are stored in the brain, through memory games, quizzes and interactive activities for the whole audience. 

A family crowd sitting on crates at an outdoor festival watching a woman on stage

Hands-on Science Workshops

Seeing is believing! Astound young minds with science fun, experiments and illusions that highlight their amazing brains in action. Available live in-person, online or as a package with our science shows for schools, these interactive science workshops are great for smaller groups - perhaps as part of an end of term science class or a fun science club. Or Building a Resilient Brain is perfect for a wellbeing week or PSHE lesson focused on mental health and wellbeing. They typically run for 30-45mins to suit your timetable, or can be extended to an hour with Q&A and we always tailor the content for the target age group.


Sign up for a free taster of our most popular science show for schools, That's Non-Sense!

Plus science based tips, tricks and resources to boost learning and nurture mental wellbeing in schools.


Sound on!

We offer science shows and workshops for KS1-KS5: from hands-on activities for smaller groups to headline stage shows packed with spectacular science, fun experiments and interactive demos. 

Braintastic! Science amazing brain mascot Briony - with microphone
Braintastic! Science amazing brain mascot Briony - with microphone (hands up)
A delighted child flexes his bicep, connected to his dad's arm via electrodes and wires. Science presenter Ginny Smith smiles in the background

We celebrate curiosity and make learning fun!

Our shows & workshops:

  • Link to the UK curricula

  • Highlight the importance of learning and thinking scientifically

  • Include time for Q&A

  • Are interactive, engaging, and great fun


Thank you so much for coming down to do the show for us. Everyone had an amazing time and we would definitely love to have you back again. 

Amy Seales, Family Programme Coordinator
The Royal Institution of Great Britain. 


We believe STEM is for everyone

At Braintastic! Science we pride ourselves on:

  • Accessible and inclusive content

  • Tailoring our shows to your specific needs

  • The diversity of our presenters who are all fab role models (and many are women in STEM)

  • Smashing stereotypes- no 'mad scientists' with wild hair and lab coats here!

A diverse family audience holds their noses during a Braintastic! Science show
A woman on stage at Cambridge Festival in front of images of brain scans

We follow the science

Our content is:

  • Grounded in psychology and neuroscience research

  • Packed with tips & tricks that actually work 

  • Delivered by brain experts who really know what they are talking about

We make teachers' lives easy

Why not book us as:

  • Activities for science week

  • End of term fun

  • A hassle-free alternative to a school trip

  • Pre-exam revision skills sessions

  • PSHE drop down days

A group of smiling school girls with their eyes closed holding one finger up in the air

Thanks for joining! Check your email for a link to the free show

Plus science based tips, tricks and resources to boost learning and nurture mental wellbeing in schools.


Spectacular Science Shows

Get a free taster of our most popular science show for schools, That's Non-Sense!

Braintastic Alina_edited.jpg

In this interactive science show students discover how the brain changes when we learn new things. Through a series of memory games and quizzes, we explore how memories are stored in the brain, and cover tips and tricks for making the most of their memories.

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