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Special British Science Week package
Ages 7-11 | KS2

With a show available on demand, hands-on workshops and science week activities for the classroom and at home, this package allows students to explore the time it takes to learn new things.
Don't miss our special discount for
British Science Week 2024!

Time To Learn

Braintastic! Science amazing brain mascot Briony - with microphone
Braintastic! Science amazing brain mascot Briony - with microphone (hands up)

British Science Week is fast approaching and if you are looking for science shows for schools, or science workshops, Braintastic! Science has you covered. Our spectacular science shows are packed with fun demos and wow moments to get your students excited by science and ignite their curiosity about the brain. If you are looking for a live science show or workshop for schools, head to our homepage to find out more, or just get in touch to discuss what you need.

But we also know that time and money are tight, so if an in-person school science show is out of reach for you this year, we have another great option- our online British Science Week 2024 package for KS2. The British Science Week 2024 theme is Time, so we have focused the package around this, giving your students a chance to explore the time it takes to make new connections in their brains and learn new things.




This great-value package includes a show, a hands-on workshop and a homework activity- enough content for you to run two fantastic themed lessons, with minimal prep time, as well as providing a chance for the students to carry on their learning at home. And if you've had funding from a British Science Week grant you could add in a live Q&A session for your students to ask our expert presenters all their questions about the brain!

Here’s how we suggest you break it down:

Memory Games Screenshot.png

In this session, students will watch a full length version of our interactive show Memory Games, and learn about how the brain changes when we learn new things. Through a series of memory games and quizzes, we explore how memories are stored in the brain, and cover tips and tricks for making the most of their memories, and reducing the time it takes to learn something new


This studio quality pre-rec is highly interactive, and the streaming link will be available for all of British Science Week (plus a few days before and after), so you can watch it as many times as you like!

Test your grownups! At home, the students will challenge their adults to a short (~10min) learning task, and discover who gets better faster: adults or kids!

Then, in the follow-up lesson, you can combine results from the homework task and plot a whole-class graph to show the time it takes for kids & adults to learn.

Cheltenham 23 Nate P1013364_blur.JPG
Big Bang 22 (IMG_20220623_175118)_edited

In this fun workshop, you’ll introduce the students to the idea of brain plasticity- our brain's amazing ability to change and learn new things over time.


Then, they will create their own pieces of brain-themed artwork, using these ideas to show how each of our brains is different and unique, and changes throughout our lives.

​​Special Bonus!

The first 10 schools to book the package also get to join a live Q&A session with one of our expert presenters, completely free, to ask them any questions about the brain!

  • Understanding that memories are stored as networks of neurons in the brain

  • Repetition is the best way to ensure these networks form and remain

  • Memory techniques can provide short-cuts, helping you learn more efficiently

  • Our brains change throughout our lives, making each of us different

  • Science is fun and creative

  • Video link for the full Memory Games Show

  • Downloadable homework worksheet

  • Lesson plan to introduce your students to the idea of brain plasticity

  • Activity pack for our Brain Art workshop, including printable handouts, a full kit list and top tips to make sure it runs smoothly

  • Interactive, engaging and fun science show and activities

  • Links to this year's science week theme- time

  • Content created by experts with a background in brain science

  • Rave reviews from teachers, students and top science festivals

Access to this fantastic science show, workshop and activities can be yours for just £245/ school- perfect for a British Science Week grant. And you can use it for as many classes as you like (we recommend it is ideal for KS2 / years 3-6). That’s a huge discount on our usual online prices to celebrate British Science Week 2024!


Thank you so much for coming down to do the science shows for us. Everyone had an amazing time and we would definitely love to have you back again. 

Amy Seales, Family Programme Coordinator
The Royal Institution of Great Britain. 


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