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Science and Creativity Workshop

Introduce students to the links between science and art, and the importance of creativity for STEM careers as they get the chance to unleash their own creative abilities!

Art meets STEM

Ages 7-16 | KS2, KS3, KS4


Sound on!

Braintastic! Science amazing brain mascot Briony - with microphone
Braintastic! Science amazing brain mascot Briony - with microphone (hands up)

We are often told that we are either artistic or scientific, and that these are opposing abilities- but that is far from the case. For as long as people have been doing science, art has been a part of it- from drawing specimens under the microscope to using analogies to understand atoms. And science is intensely creative, needing the ability to dream up ideas about the world to solve unanswered science questions!

In this session, we introduce students to some of the ways in which art has inspired science, and science has inspired art. We investigate what is going on inside the creative brain, and how to spark creativity, nurturing your own creative thinking with practice, just like any other skill. Then we get hands-on, and students create their own piece of string-art inspired by the brain’s amazing ability to change, based on your experiences.

  • How a deadly infection inspired an award-winning artist

  • Why scientists need to think outside the box

  • What’s going on inside the creative brain

  • How our individuality can benefit the creative process

  • Creative thinking, developing new ideas

  • Working together

  • Science and the arts are closely interlinked

  • Fostering a love for science and encouraging creativity

  • Live in-person: 2 workshops for £495 
    Extra workshops on the same day: £95 each. 

  • Online / virtual workshop: £145/class 

  • Our workshops can run for 30 or 45 minutes, whichever suits your timetable best.

  • They are designed to work for group sizes between 10-30, to allow group work, and plenty of time for discussion with our expert presenters.

  • Students will need to be seated at tables, in groups of around 5.

  • We will also need a screen to connect to our laptop, or somewhere to display posters.

  • We will provide all the materials needed for the workshop.

  • Interactive, engaging and fun science workshops for schools

  • Calming STEM activity, perfect for PSHE lessons or drop down days 

  • Fabulous expert presenters with a background in brain science

  • Rave reviews from teachers, students and top science festivals


Thank you so much for coming down to do the science shows for us. Everyone had an amazing time and we would definitely love to have you back again. 

Amy Seales, Family Programme Coordinator
The Royal Institution of Great Britain. 

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