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Amazing Animals science show 

In this interactive experience we showcase the super-smart abilities of the world’s most incredible animals. Featuring puzzles and tests for the whole audience to join in and challenge your own intelligence against amazing animals.  

Test your intelligence against the animal kingdom

Ages 7-11 | KS2

Braintastic! Science amazing brain mascot Briony - with microphone
Braintastic! Science amazing brain mascot Briony - with microphone (hands up)

We like to think that we know what intelligence is, and how to measure it, but in this show we will explore why this is more difficult than it may at first seem. As we cover the evolution of intelligence, and how scientists test it in animals and in humans, we will uncover some of the reasons it is so difficult to measure.


Packed with interactive games and activities, this science show is great fun, introducing students to the importance of fair tests, as well as nurturing wonder at the diversity of life on earth and the amazing abilities of our animal cousins.

  • How scientists are talking to dolphins 

  • The intelligent organism with no brain 

  • Why some animals evolved intelligence and others developed different abilities 

  • The problems with intelligence testing in animals

  • Work of naturalists and animal behaviourists (KS2) 

  • Environmental adaptation (KS2) 

  • Working scientifically - asking relevant questions, comparative and fair tests (KS2)

  • There are lots of different groups of intelligent animals

  • Animal behaviourists have helped us understand intelligence

  • Measuring intelligence fairly is harder than it seems

  • Intelligence evolves just like other traits

  • Live in-person: £495 
    Extra shows on the same day: £145/show
    or add workshops at £95 each.  

  • Online / virtual show: £195/school
    Add live Q&A with a brain expert: £45
    For festivals/large audiences or multiple days please get in touch

  • The show runs for around 45 minutes, which means it fits well into a 50- or 60-minute timetable slot.

  • Our presenters love doing Q&A and are always happy to include this at the end of a show if time allows.

  • We will need: A screen and a microphone (if your venue is large).

  • Interactive, engaging and fun science show for schools

  • Perfect science week activity, end of term treat or science assembly

  • Fabulous expert presenters with a background in brain science

  • Rave reviews from teachers, students and top science festivals


Thank you so much for coming down to do the science shows for us. Everyone had an amazing time and we would definitely love to have you back again. 

Amy Seales, Family Programme Coordinator
The Royal Institution of Great Britain. 

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