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Memory Games science show 

Making learning fun with brain boosts

Versions for Ages 7-14 | KS2, KS3

Students discover how the brain changes when we learn new things through a series of memory games and quizzes.


Sound on!

Braintastic! Science amazing brain mascot Briony - with microphone
Braintastic! Science amazing brain mascot Briony - with microphone (hands up)

In this interactive science show we introduce how memories are stored in the brain, and share tips and tricks for making the most of your memory to boost learning.


Memory Games is perfect for KS2/KS3, whereas for KS4/KS5 we explore the neuroscience of learning in more detail in our Mastering Memory science show.

  • How quickly your brain can learn new things

  • Where memories are stored in the brain

  • What Dory from Finding Nemo can tell us about our short-term memory

  • Tips and tricks you can try to help boost your learning!

  • Develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about science (KS2)

  • Working scientifically - the power of rational explanation (KS2)

  • Big ideas underpinning scientific knowledge (KS3)

  • Understanding that memories are stored as networks of neurons in the brain

  • Repetition is the best way to ensure these networks form and remain

  • Memory techniques can provide short-cuts, helping you learn more efficiently

  • Live in-person: £495 
    Extra shows on the same day: £145/show
    or add workshops at £95 each.  

  • Online / virtual show: £195/school
    Add live Q&A with a brain expert: £45
    For festivals/large audiences or multiple
    days please get in touch

  • The show runs for around 45 minutes, which means it fits well into a 50- or 60-minute timetable slot.

  • Our presenters love doing Q & A and are always happy to include this at the end of a show if time allows.

  • We will need: A screen and a microphone (if your venue is large). Handouts will be sent for printing before the event

  • Interactive, engaging and fun science show for schools

  • Perfect science week activity, end of term treat or science assembly

  • Fabulous expert presenters with a background in brain science

  • Rave reviews from teachers, students and top science festivals


Thank you so much for coming down to do the science shows for us. Everyone had an amazing time and we would definitely love to have you back again. 

Amy Seales, Family Programme Coordinator
The Royal Institution of Great Britain. 

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