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Primary Schools (KS2)

Visual Illusions Activity Pack

Explore the tricks our brain plays on us every day with these fun visual illusions.

This activity pack includes worksheets to help your students make two different illusions-

a thaumotrope and a floating present.

Share your results and send us any questions with #CuriosityCorner - we will do our best to answer them and the best may be made into a video!

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Secondary Schools (KS4-5)

Learning and Memory Lesson Plan

Help your students revise by understanding how learning happens in the brain, with science-based tricks to improve recall and retention.

Why do we all remember things slightly differently and how accurate really are our memories? Through a series of small group activities we explore these topics and more, finishing with 10 top tips to improve revision skills.

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Families - Sens-ational Science Club!

Week 1: Vision

This week we are looking at probably the most important sense for humans- vision. First up, here is a video introduction to this sense, and some of the tricks we can play on it.

Next, it's time for some try-it-at home fun. This week, you will be making your own illusions which you can try out on friends and family. Just download the instructions below.

Watch out!

This weeks activities involve cutting, so make sure you ask an adult if you need help. They will also need to help you to poke a hole in a piece of card with a pin. There is glue involved, so be warned, things might get a little messy! 

If you have any questions about this week's club, or just want to tell us how you got on, you can find us on social media @BraintasticSci #CuriosityCorner or email:

I'd love to know what colours you and your family saw on the Benham's top!

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