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Science Week UK 2021

This year, British Science Week is going to look a little different. Normally our Braintastic! Science presenters would be all over the place, doing science workshops for schools and festivals. But not this year. Not only can we not physically be present, many teachers have struggled to plan even virtual school visits because of changing guidance and uncertainty over whether schools will be open, or teaching remotely.

After a request from one primary school to make a short video they could play during a (online) science week assembly, I decided to make it public, so any teachers can use it as part of their activities for science week UK. It includes a bit about my career as a woman in STEM and why I love science and our amazing brains, some of my favourite visual illusions in psychology and a challenge for the students. It can also be followed up by a science fun activity worksheet which I've included below - all absolutely free. I do hope it's helpful!

Download PDF • 1.75MB



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